The Jamaican folk: Some a dem a holler, some a bawl

Miss Lou has left us. For once, we did everything right. Nice homecoming, nice funeral, lots of good remembrance.


The best obituary was in the London Times, although Mervyn Morris’ piece for the Guardian wasn’t bad. Knolly Moses shouldn’t have been asked to do the one for the New York Times – it was just sad…..

Take some time this weekend, sit down with your copy of Jamaica Labrish and read a selection… remind yourself how funny (and true) Miss Lou’s work is….listen to Ernie Smith or the Carifolk Singers sing  “Evening Time” while you’re reading……And feel really good about being Jamaican…..

“Jamaica Labrish” (Louise Bennett)

As for the whole debate about making her a National Hero, I say make both her and Bob Marley National Heroes, same time. They are already. And leave the politicians to be made Heroes by the next generation of Jamaicans if, and when, they see fit…..

Some people are still getting used to the new dispensation (the Portia era). This week Errol Greene of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (remember him ?…… he used to be the Town Clerk and run things at the KSAC) didn’t like the action of his new Chairman, Ethlyn Norton-Coke, who stopped him from giving out work to his friends without the approval (or knowledge) of his Board.

Then some government contractors are upset by the Contractor General, Greg Christie. They realise that things will not running right, if the gentleman is going to be running around enforcing rules and regulations.

And just to add to the mood of despondency among the PNP faithful (PJ camp) the still-new Prime Minister went to Denbigh and asked, actually asked, the Jamaican people to hold politicians accountable…….

Is only now that some of us remembering that it was Portia who, in 1991, locked up her predecessor as Minister of Labour, J.A.G. Smith Jr., for stealing the farm worker’s money…..


Some men, namely Minister of National Security Peter Phillips, Commissioner of Police Lucius Thomas and DCP Mark Shields, have no problem putting their money (and their career) where their mouth is. The murder rate continues to trend down.

More than 250 fewer murders for 2006 than for 2005.

Nuff respect, guys.

“The Glory Boys: True-life Adventures of Scotland Yard’s SWAT, the Last Line of Defence in the War Against International Crime” (Steve Collins)

“Bent Coppers: The Inside Story of Scotland Yard’s Battle Against Police Corruption” (Graeme McLagan)


Where is the outrage and upset for Lynval Mitchell who was crushed to death on the Bahia Principe site last week ? Supposedly (and unbelievably) because the contractors were using wooden, not metal, scaffolding….. Work started again today, under the supervision of the St. Ann Parish Council, that well-known regulatory powerhouse…..

Wonder if Spanish tourists believe in duppy ?

“The Duppy” (Anthony C. Winkler)

“Duppy Conqueror” (Ferdinand Dennis)


Images Rene Simoes (Iran’s coach !)

The Reggae Boys need a coach, and Rene Simoes might be available. Yes !!! Before Mark Shields came to the Rock, Rene Simoes was the only gentleman who could give some Jamaican women “foreign mind”.  We know Iran can’t be all that sweet right now…….and we know things can never be the way they were, but no mind…..

Come home, Rene !!

“Jamaica: Football Reggae” (Various Artists)

“The Way We Were” (Barbra Streisand)

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