Entertainment Report ?

The Prime Minister opened the Entertainment sector and the PNP immediately trended on Twitter as its 4 Vice Presidents and the Head of the PNP YO resigned. Julian Robinson denied that he was about to become Leader of the Opposition as it was rumoured the majority of PNP MP’s were headed to Kings House to tell the Governor General that they had lost confidence in Mark Golding.

Phillip Paulwell claimed that his US visa was taken away through the machinations of other comrades and Krystal Tomlinson accused her General Secretary of forming fraudulent groups with a view to manipulating future elections.

Although Mark Golding lost a spat with Ann Marie Vaz (who has a bigger problem with murders, Portland Eastern or St Andrew South ? Golding had more murders by more than 6 to 1 ), he seems to have won the battle for control of the party. He has lost the most popular member of the PNP, Damian Crawford, but of course popularity is relative, as Crawford lost a PNP safe seat to aforementioned JLP newcomer Ann Marie Vaz.

We should all be hoping that the PNP now settles down and goes back to rebuilding its base as, entertaining though the infighting is, a strong Opposition is a necessary part of good governance.

The Government continued with the clean up in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Elsa and continued to struggle in governance matters as Minister of National Security Horace Chang suggested that INDECOM should be reined in and the Integrity Commission is charging 2 unidentified lawmakers with illicit enrichment.


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