The Week: Jamaica’s Opposition leader finds winning ticket

Bruce Golding, leader of the Opposition JLP, has at last found his winning ticket. This week he blasted Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller for ignoring and/or encouraging political victimization in the handing out of government monies – in particular monies for cleaning drains.

The Prime Minister’s garrison constituency, and the possibility that she may allow garrison politics to dominate national life, are the main reasons that many of us otherwise level headed  citizens are wondering if we want her to get a first term or a second term or even still be Prime Minister this Christmas…….

Bruce Golding needs to remind everyone of the scenario that is already causing the middle classes to choke on their hors d’ oeuvres (that’s “appetizers” to you workers – shrimp and stamp-and-go and suchlike).

The scenario goes something like this:-

The day after she gets her “mandate” the Prime Minister will get rid of Peter Phillips (our real deal National Security rock-of-ages), replace Omar (he who can make the financial sector sleep at nights) and have the dons (all of them) over for dinner.

Day Two sees the Prime Minister saying “thanks, but no thanks” to Scotland Yard and sending home Mark Shields, Les Green et al. Same afternoon Commissioner of Police Lucius Thomas gets his walking papers.

Day Three the Prime Minister announces that SSP Renato Adams will be replacing Lucius Thomas as Commissioner of Police. Later the same day, Zekes’ lawyer announces that new evidence has been found exonerating his client and asks for a retrial. Zekes is released on bail….

Day Four…..well, you get the idea….

So Bruce, I think you are definitely on to something. This is the way to Jamaica House. And don’t feel too bad that Portia doesn’t give you the same care and attention that she gives to your former leader, Edward Seaga. Remember that you will never be able to do for the PNP what Seaga was able to do without even trying – give them 4 straight terms in Government……

“The Nightmare Before Christmas (Special Edition)” (Henry Selick, Tim Burton)

Waking up, getting real, or still asleep ?

Why is it that Trinis get to have all the fun ? Not only do they have a real Carnival associated with a real religious event (the beginning of Lent), but earlier this year they convicted a former Prime Minister for corruption and now they have a fun, something-for-everyone scandal involving their Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago has said (again) that he will step aside. He is refusing to actually resign despite being accused by the Chief Magistrate of interfering in the trial of former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday . Apparently, the Chief Justice cannot resign because – as far as I can figure out – (1) the Prime Minister doesn’t like him (2) he would be arrested (3) it would shake the faith of Trinis in their justice system……

“The Dragon Can’t Dance” (Earl Lovelace)

Getting real

The staff of Air Jamaica have decided not to go on strike. Seems like they figured out that they are not likely to get a hearing when workers that actually make a contribution to national life (nurses, policemen, teachers) are demanding more money…..Yes, I know Air Jamaica did, once upon a time, make an important contribution to our national life, BUT please note that in a business environment where Swissair (R.I.P. 2002) can’t survive, we are kidding ourselves if we think that Air Jamaica will ever be more than a millstone round the neck of every hard working, underpaid and under-appreciated public servant (we’re talking nurses, policemen, teachers….)

“Hard Landing: The Epic Contest for Power and Profits That Plunged the Airlines into Chaos” (Thomas Jr Petzinger)

Alternative universe section

Moving off planet this week:

Germaine Greer, who advised the British Government to provide support and educational services to black teenagers in the U.K. instead of trying to stop them from getting pregnant at all. Since not too many white women of European descent are interested in having lots of babies, hence Europe’s plunging birth rates, Ms Greer seems to think that the Government should be grateful to Afro-Caribbean girls for providing them with the next generation of Brits instead of rushing off to their local abortion clinic……While sympathizing with Ms Greer (and the girls) the idea that the U.K. government might want a black Britain, now or ever, suggests that Ms Greer phoned in her article from Mars, Saturn or Uranus…….

Consolidated Edison, supplier of electricity to New York City, who somehow managed to keep sections of the world’s most famous city in darkness for more than a week. Talk about what planet are they living on? As we all know, on planet Earth, that kind of thing can only happen in places like Jamaica…….

Sheikh Omar Bakri, an Islamic preacher best known for supporting the attacks on the U.S. on September 11 and for telling Brits that they will be much happier when the U.K. becomes an Islamic state, begged the British government to rescue him from Lebanon where he has been residing for the past year. His reasons for wanting to return to the U.K. where he lived for 20 years ? He has a wife and six children there (they wisely remained in Britain when he left ). Apparently, the war in Lebanon makes it an unsuitable place for Sheikh Omar Bakri to entertain his family for the holidays…….

“Have Space Suit, Will Travel” (Robert A. Heinlein)

Everywhere is war

Whether it’s the Lebanon or Somalia or Iraq or Afghanistan, the news this week has been all bad. Future look dark.

Please say a prayer for all those suffering, even the madmen on all sides with the guns. As we know all too well in Jamaica, there are men who would rather die than take a ‘diss’. Nothing to do for them (or for us) but pray…….

“History Of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam” (Karen Armstrong)

“No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam” (Reza Aslan)

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