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The Week: Bruce in charge

Crime plan # 4,109,347 : Can this one work ?

Yesterday, Bruce Golding, currently Prime Minister of Jamaica, announced the following measures to deal with crime:

(1) Amend law to allow a person to be detained for up to 72 hours without being charged once authorised by a police officer at the level of assistant commissioner or higher.

(2) Refuse bail for serious crimes and repeat offenders for the first 60 days with provision for the prosecution to appeal against granting bail.

(3) Right to non-invasive DNA, such as a mouth swab from a person charged with an offence.

(4) Establish a DNA database

(5) Amend evidence act to allow for witnesses to provide testimony via videotape. This system could provide protection for witnesses.

(6)Provide for majority verdict in non-capital murder. The law would be amended to allow for conviction by a minimum of nine out of 12 jurors.

All of the above seem fine to me. Now to wait and see:

If, When and How these measures are implemented.

Then we wait to see:

If they will make any difference at all…….

“Armed and Female: Twelve Million American Women Own Guns, Should You?” (Paxton Quigley)

Portia versus Peter : Should we care ?

Does it matter who leads the Opposition PNP right now ? Not really. Not when the choice is between Portia Simpson – Miller and Peter Phillips. Both are long time politicians who’ve held powerful positions in the Cabinet over the last 18 years. Anything that they were planning to do in government, or in their garrison constituencies, they should have done already. I don’t think either of them deserves another term in government.

I prefer Portia (she’s easier on the eye and seems to be a much nicer person) but if Peter becomes leader of the party in September and then loses a general election within the next year, the younger generation in the PNP will be poised to push the old guard (Portia, Peter, Omar, Maxine, Bobby, Roger etc) aside and take over the party in 2012/2013.

Pushing the old guard aside is a pre-condition for renewing the PNP. So if the start of the new brooms sweeping clean is predicated on Portia’s defeat in September, I guess I’m for it.

I’m also for Bruce calling a general election shortly after Peter Phillips takes over the PNP and trouncing him soundly at the polls. Then the PNP can get back to the business of cleaning up its’ act, and Prime Minister Golding can settle down to governing with a healthy majority without having to appease every single JLP don and every single JLP moneybags and every single JLP M.P…….

“The Power of Early Speed (Elements of Handicapping)” (Steve Klein)

Deserving our governments ?

About this time last year the big political news was the upcoming election, the polls showing that the PNP were ahead, and PM Portia naming Lisa Hanna as the PNP candidate for South East St.Ann. Also we found out that Bob Woolmer probably wasn’t murdered.

This year Portia is no longer PM, the polls are still showing that the PNP is ahead, and Lisa Hanna is the MP for SE St.Ann. Bob Woolmer is hopefully resting in peace.

“Cricket the Bob Woolmer Way” ()

So now we have a JLP government, we have free health care for all and we have slightly cheaper education (the government is paying tuition fees, but books, extracurricular activities and “school development funds” remain the responsibility of parents). Let it not be said that the new government has not kept its promises or that they have “done nothing”.

Still, it is pretty amazing how little the change of government has changed anything. This is partly because we have all been hit over the head with high food prices and gas prices.

And none of those “jobs, jobs, jobs” have materialized (unless you are a member of the new JLP administration).

And the murder rate has risen again.

And PM Golding’s innumerable Cabinet Ministers are sounding and behaving like they weren’t so much “shadowing” the PNP Ministers for all those years, as learning to faithfully imitate their words, bad habits and corrupt practices……

And Air Jamaica is still soaring to new heights (of debt).

Yup. We’re eating a big helping of same-old-same-old. Tastes very familiar……

“The X-Files – Fight the Future (Widescreen Edition)” (Rob Bowman)