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No elections ! I mean it this time !

The Prime Minister Andrew Holness says there are no local government elections this year. Based on his denials last year, that means we can expect the elections to be called in August.

The junior doctors staged a one day sick out which was apparently enough to force the Ministry of Health to address some of their most pressing issues – length of contracts and payment of gratuities.

Vaccines have arrived (65,000 doses) in time to give everyone who needs it a second dose. However the European Union is still banning visitors who received the Indian made Astra Zeneca vaccine, as opposed to the European made Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Tropical Storm Elsa passed through and exposed the fact that, toll roads excepted, the roads recently constructed in the Corporate Area and elsewhere were built without adequate drainage. Bring back Gully Government !

And the Opposition’s own goals continue as the PNP-controlled Westmoreland Municipal Corporation has issued a stop order on the construction of a house being built by the PNP’s O.T. Fairclough Trust Fund, which was established last year by Opposition Leader Mark Golding. Apparently, there is neither a building permit nor a waiver in place. Golding caused much hilarity on social media recently when he was filmed at the house placing a block without using mortar.