World news from the Caribbean…….

World News Quiz

(1) Guess which world leader just set up his own blog ? With a comments section and a poll ? You’re right ! It’s the President of Iran ! President Ahmadinejad has his own blog – (find the English version by clicking on the flag with the little stars on it) and check it out here.

Please remember to give him your 2 cents on Atafeh Sahaaleh, the 16 year old girl his government executed for “crimes against chastity” or being raped (as it is known in the West……..)

Ahmadinejad President Ahmadinejad (from Le Monde)

(2) Which small Caribbean nation with an election due in a fortnight has recently experienced A. a daylight bank robbery where gunmen used pedestrians to block the roads, and,
B. the brutal murder of workers at a newspaper printery, and,
C. the arrest and  the summary deportation of a businessman to the U.S. to face drug trafficking charges ?

You’re right ! It’s Guyana ! If you thought briefly that it might have been Jamaica, that’s because it all seems…..well, very Jamaican…….

(3) Which Chief Justice of which Caribbean island requested the Government to give him money to pay his lawyers so he can sue it ?

You’re right ! It’s Chief Justice Sharma of Trinidad!

(4) Which dancehall DJ, best known for beating up on Beenie Man, was ordered into counseling for beating up on his baby mother ?

You’re right ! It’s Bounty Killer ! Seems like the beating thing can get to be a habit…….

“No Argument” (Bounty Killer)

(5) Which Spanish hotel group is upsetting it’s neighbours in St. Ann, Jamaica by refusing to fix its’ drainage ?

Hey, did you think it was the Pinero Group who are building that huge Bahia Principe hotel at Pear Tree Bottom ?

Hope not. Because, of course, the offenders are the Riu Group who won’t fix the drainage at their Mammee Bay hotel, Riu Ocho Rios……see below….


Signs of the times section

The Jamaican police have finally arrested Sasha Payne, the 17 year old, pregnant, mother of two who evidently got fed up of being used by bad men and became a gunman (and killer) herself…..

The Archbishop of York is protesting the war in the Middle East by camping out in a tent inside his cathedral……

Johnsentamu Archbishop of York John Sentamu

And finally, after what must have been the best reggae concert ever, a kibbutz in the Negev desert in Israel has developed a new semi-religious practice based on a mixture of Bob Marley’s music and Rastafarianism…..

Hey, why not ? Israel houses shrines holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam….definitely Bob Marley should be there !

“Legend (New Packaging)” (Bob Marley & The Wailers)

“Youth” (Matisyahu)

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