Jamaica’s record on gays much better than Iran’s

Today on his Time magazine blog, Andrew Sullivan is reminding us that July 19, 2006 will be one year since the Iranian regime hung 2 teenagers for the crime of being gay….(so much for Jamaica being the most homophobic place on the planet….)

Go and read his blog, and then let’s reflect and recall that despite the hysteria of some regarding “the homosexual lifestyle”, it is clearly and unequivocally “the Jamaican heterosexual lifestyle” that is implicated in our violent culture.

It is heterosexual, not homosexual, men who rape and murder women and female children. It is heterosexual, not homosexual, women who are having children they can neither feed nor love…..

And when the Prime Minister is calling the church to arms as she did again last week, she’s talking about the need for the moral rejuvenation, not of gays, but of those who have sex with the opposite sex…..

“Why Men Hate Going to Church” (David Murrow)

“Awakening with the Enemy : The Origin and End of Male/Female Conflict” (Mark Dillof)

“Crowns : Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats” (Michael Cunningham, Craig Marberry)

“Ten Lies the Church Tells Women: How the Bible Has Been Misused to Keep Women in Spiritual Bondage” (J. Lee Grady)

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