PJ Patterson and Goodworks International : Canny or corrupt ?

Well, it seems that Leader of the Opposition, Bruce Golding reads the same websites we do, but draws different conclusions.

Here's one commentator lambasting Goodworks International (GWI) founder Andrew Young for selling his civil rights credentials to Nike, Walmart and others.

Here's another telling the real story behind GWI co-founder Jamaican-born Carl Masters: apparently just another Jamaican who thinks "women mek fe rape"…

Hamilton Jordan, Jimmy Carter's Chief of Staff, is the only GWI partner, who may be a little too clean to be hanging out with PJ.

"No Such Thing as a Bad Day" (Hamilton Jordan)
Hey Bruce, haven't you and the JLP spent years accusing PJ Patterson of being a corrupt, crony loving, no-trough-too-small-for-my-snout, rotten facsimile of a Prime Minister ? And here he is getting into bed with some old cronies for a peaceful and lucrative retirement (and, no, we don't doubt the Mirant sale eased the way for something or somebody), and you're somehow suggesting that these PJ cronies aren't all that they seem ? Or that their "consulting" may not have been good for Jamaica ?

OH PLEASE ! PJ was our Prime Minister for 14 years. It's a bit late to be turning up our noses at him and his corrupt canny ways.

And, Mr. Golding, you need to get with the zeitgeist. Ever heard of 50 Cent ? He of the tagline "Get rich or die trying……"

"From Pieces to Weight : Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens" (50 Cent, Kris Ex)

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