How to find Wikileaks cables from Embassy Kingston

Please note that every time new cables are released the “Embassy Kingston” cables move to a new URL. However, the cables only become available after our local news organizations have published articles about them, so you may need to wait a few days to read the cable for yourself.

You can find the current site by going to the Wikileaks Page (, and looking to see if the page is labelled “Browse by Embassy Kingston”.

If it is not, then proceed to scroll down the page looking on the left hand side for the section “Browse by origin”. Click on the letter K to see the list of all Embassies beginning with K.

Select Embassy Kingston to go to the new page containing all the cables.


2 thoughts on “How to find Wikileaks cables from Embassy Kingston

  1. Hi, I’ve found your blog to be very, very interesting and informative. I knew about the location of the Wikileaks cables from Embassy Kingston on their Wikileaks website, but I’ve become suspicious of the most recent cables. Not sure if you can find anything further, but from what I remember only one of our local newspapers was supposed to have entered into an agreement with Wikileaks to be a partner website in publishing the cables; The Gleaner. So the Gleaner published all the previous Wikileaks cables and (according to the Gleaner) they left out the names of certain individuals (such as Phillip Paulwell of the PNP and James Robertson of the JLP) in order to avoid being sued under Jamaica’s libel laws. The Observer then used to run stories only after the full cables appeared on the Wikileaks website (and after the Gleaner ran the stories) but then strangely enough they ran stories without any apparent fear of running afoul of libel laws (as they published Paulwell’s name in their story). Now however the Observer has published two “cables” that have not previously appeared on the Wikileaks website and that have still yet to appear. They published one on July 7, 2011 which they claim comes from a July 8, 2008 cable and they published another today (July 12, 2011) which they claim comes from a September 18, 2009 cable. I wouldn’t expect that the “cable” they published today to appear on the Wikileaks website, but from what I remember with the Gleaner’s publications one could usually find the full, unedited cables on the Wikileaks website within a day or two. Given that we have had cases of fake cables in India and Pakistan I would not be surprised if the Observer has gotten false cables or more troubling has manufactured such cables. Certainly it begins to look odd that almost a week later the Observer cables have still not appeared on the Wikileaks website. This could potentially be a major story if it turns out that the Observer has not been careful in its sources.

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