Story Come to Bump 2

The overripe fruits of the last election have all dropped to Jamaican ground:

Tourism and the environment

Butch Stewart’s war with the Spaniards forced the Prime Minister to do what no environmentalist or planner thought possible : he has required a foreign hotel investor, in this case the Riu Hotels, to abide by local law and regulations. More power to Butch. I’m trusting Mr. Stewart and his deep pockets, (and Mr. Golding facing the prospect of another general election soon) to make sure that Riu’s fourth floor is actually knocked down….

How likely is this to actually to happen ? Well, the site is closed apparently. Doubtless to allow Riu’s architects and engineers to decide the best way to proceed….(or to allow for their lawyers and lobbyists to figure out how to twist the Prime Minister’s arm).

In any case, what has happened to the effort to force the Riu at Mammee Bay to fix its waste water problem ? Presumably it was the Riu’s refusal to deal with this lesser problem that forced the Prime Minister to use the heavy artillery over their hotel still under construction.


Riu Ocho Rios at Mammee Bay


The Cabinet has been reshuffled to make way for Colonel Trevor McMillan as the new Minister of National Security.We can only hope and pray that he can make a difference.

Dual citizenship cases

Phyllis Mitchell (PNP, losing candidate) has won her appeal in her case against Gregory Mair (JLP MP, Venezuelan citizen). The next general election is a few weeks closer.

Peter vs Portia and Jamaica vs Air Jamaica

Whose years of long service will come to an ignominious end sooner ? Will it be Portia or Air Jamaica ?

All in all, lots of serious things to take mek joke…..maybe next week.

As per usual for this year, it is contests and hope for the future that take precedence over grim realities. Yes, I mean, Obama finally winning the nomination (it can be as early as this Tuesday, May 20, when Kentucky and Oregon vote). Hillary Clinton’s determination is admirable, but, at this point, tiresome.

“Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” (Barack Obama)

“The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream” (Barack Obama)

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