3 thoughts on “In brief

  1. It matters only because the Constitution of Jamaica says that Parliamentarians can’t hold dual citizenship. That’s why there was a court case and now the dominoes are going to fall :- Gregory Mair (Venezuelan/Jamaican), Shahine Robinson (American/Jamaican) etcetera….

  2. I think we just opened an unnecessary box of problems. Since independence I suspect that many of our parliamentarians including Bustamante, Hector Wynter, Dudley Thompson and Douglas Manley may have had dual citizenship.
    We now have a situation where Fay Webster, a US citizen by birth who has become a naturalized Jamaican, is able to sit in the House of Representatives, but Daryl Vaz, a born Jamaican, who has lived here all his live, but who obtained US citizenship by virtue of his relationship with his mother, is forced to renounce that citizenship, in order to run for parliament.
    A Trinidadian national resident in Jamaica for more than twelve months can run for the Jamaican parliament while retaining his Trinidadian cizenship, but a Jamaican citizen, who has obtained US citizenship cant. This is rediculous. The constitution has to be changed. The provision is stupid.
    Either we make all dual citizens ineligible for Parliament, or we do. We cant have two classes of dual citizens.
    One further point is that Jamaica has over 1,00,000 of its citizens resident abroad, many of whom have taken out citizenship in their countries of residence. Many return or plan to Jamaica. Have they become, by virtue of that election for citizenship, second class Jamaican citizens. It would appear so.
    I just hope that good sense will prevail.

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