Story come to bump

Cuban lightbulbs smash around Kern’s ears

To quote Michael Manley, “for the first time, at last,” a PNP politician (Kern Spencer, former Minister of State for former Super Minister Paulwell) has been charged with fraud. Some may think that former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson should have received that honour, and I think that Phillip Paulwell should have won the “first to be jailed in revenge for J.A.G Smith” award, but never mind. Kern wins on the basis of his monumental, most easily exposed fraud, or, to give a nod to the judicial process, let’s say he is much nearer the finish line than Patterson or Paulwell. Still, despite Paulwell being a lawyer, and despite him having handed Kern the rope to hang himself, I am not giving up on the new government sending Paulwell to prison for at least one of his tieferies….There is still time…….

Mr Vaz’s American citizenship

Perhaps because there is a another general election riding on it, our newish Portia-appointed  Chief Justice  Zaila McCalla has yet to say whether Minister of State Daryl Vaz is :

(a) a pretend American citizen (got his citizenship thru his mother, so everyone calm down and stop counting the days to the next general election)

(b) a real American citizen (general election on the way, everyone panic)

Crime rate

Up! Down ! Up ! Down !

Calling all male Jamaicans ! We love you ! We need you ! Stop acting like you’re irrelevant  and that it doesn’t matter whether you live or die !!!

Air Jamaica Death Watch

This will never be over……never….ever….

Abortion laws
Jamaicans are getting fed up with the pretense that we are a God-fearing people who have special and unique objections to killing foetuses. Mother Nature does it all the time. Some Jamaican doctors claim to have done it thousands of times.

Hope the Government has the courage of the Medical Association of Jamaica and passes an abortion bill similar to what prevails in the United Kingdom.

After that, how about Jamaicans stop memorizing passages out of Leviticus and start memorizing, “Love thy neighbour as thy self”. Shortly thereafter we could repeal our hateful, colonial-era sodomy laws…….

And, while we’re talking about changing the world as we know it

What are the chances of March 4, 2008 being the day that Senator Obama sends Senator Clinton home to dream about 2016 ?

I’m hoping and praying. I’m also wondering how many of Obama’s Jamaican boosters know that he has stood up in front of black congregations and told them that, as believing Christians, they should be ashamed of their hatred for gays………The guy is for real.

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