New government in the New Year plus 2008 predictions !

The new government has :

(1) given us a new police commissioner, ex Jamaica Defence Force chief, Hardley Lewin.

No crime plan yet and we desperately need one as murder spirals (it was already out of control, let’s just say it is more out of control). The spike in the murder of policemen is depressing the morale of the force, not to mention the majority of us citizens who rely on the police, not security guards, for our protection……The raid on Tivoli, the killing of five young men and the calls for an inquiry are all depressingly same old, same old…..

(2) attacked corruption by moving to clean up the bus company, the JUTC, and the National Slush Fund Management Agency. Not to mention bringing in the Dutch to investigate Trafigura.…..

(3) continued the more distasteful practices of all previous governments by

rewarding unsuccessful candidates (Joan Gordon Webley) with political jobs (she’s Executive Director of the NSWMA otherwise known as the National Slush Fund Management Agency);

by abusing Prime Ministerial power and disregarding the law (dismissal of the Public Services Commission “for misconduct”)

by failing to demand accountability from its Ministers (Bobby Montague is still in the Cabinet)

(4) given us the welcome news that Air Jamaica is to be divested by 2009 (latest) Only better news re Air Jamaica would be if Minister Wehby announced that if the airline cannot be sold, it will be closed down to stop further massive losses accruing to the Jamaican taxpayer……

(5) bowed to reality and admitted that Jamaica is set for it’s best ever year for tourist arrivals in 2008 (this despite Mr. Gordon “Butch” Stewart’s slander against the previous Minister of Tourism Aloun Assamba and her team at the Tourist Board)

(6) given more work to the French builders of Highway 2000 . Big up Bouguyes Travaux – the highway is still a pleasure and a relief to drive, especially if one is driving AWAY from Kingston ! I’m still waiting to hear why it is the “French” roads don’t dissolve into a strip of grit and potholes like our “Jamaican” roads do whenever it rains……

(7) presided helplessly over price increases – every Jamaican is spending a bigger portion of their income on food and transportation just like citizens everywhere on the planet (except possibly Venezuela …..)
The new government hasn’t:

(1) given us hope of any fundamental change.

(2) lost the support of it’s supporters. The JLP handily won the local government election on December 5.

(3) yet lost any seats to the citizenship challenges making their way through the courts.

(4) yet made us look back with fondness on the days of the PNP.

Still possible section:

Although PM Bruce has found out that the Prime Minister does NOT have too much power (as he thought when he was Leader of the Opposition), the Prime Minister may yet turn out to be ‘new and different‘.

To be ‘new and different’ Bruce needs a bigger margin of seats in Parliament so that his numerous Ministers can be disciplined by losing their Cabinet posts if they mess up.

Another general election which gives him a bigger margin in Parliament may yet enable him to deliver on his good governance promises. Otherwise, all the cleaning up of corruption in various parts of the government will likely come to naught, as the ‘cleaned out’ PNP supporters are replaced with ‘hungry’ JLP supporters…

As for Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition, they are still getting used to the idea that they lost the election and will lose the one likely to be held this year. There doesn’t look like there will be a challenge from Peter Phillips right now and the man of the moment, Peter Bunting, is positioning himself for the General Secretary of the PNP , the better to run for the leadership in three or four years time…..Good luck with that, Peter…While you’re clearly the best candidate, Mr Phillip Paulwell et al are not likely to think that Paulwell’s history of scandal and incompetence are any reason to disqualify him from leadership and will act accordingly. Watch your back !

Xaymaca’s 2008 predictions ! Hot ! Fresh ! Implausible !

1. Jamaicans will never recover their enthusiasm for Portia. We will look back at that love affair and wonder what it was all about……..If the PNP lose a general election this year, Sister P will graciously retire and allow Peter Phillips to take over as Leader of the Opposition……This will set the stage for Peter Phillips similarly gracious retirement shortly before the end of the JLP’s ‘first term’ to allow Mr Bunting or Mr Paulwell to lead the party into the next general election…..

2. Jamaicans will concentrate on holding our corner. As the American economy tanks, we’ll look back at our early 21st century plans and ambitions and wonder why we bought into the idea that we could be a first world country any time soon…..Our housing market will collapse and numerous young professionals will vanish from the island leaving behind massive debts…..

3.Thousands of new Jamaicans (also new Bajans, new Trinis, new Dominicans etc) will arrive in the Caribbean from China……

4. Local radio stations will start issuing hourly bulletins on the state of the Palisadoes road along with the flight arrivals and departures…..

5. Persons previously obsessed with Jamaican politics will spend all their time being obsessed with American presidential politics….

6. Barack Obama will defy Hillary and all predictions and become the U.S. President-elect……

“Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

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