Giving thanks at the Cricket World Cup

Commissioner of Police Lucius Thomas

Much thanks to Commissioner Lucius Thomas (above) for allowing the policeman in charge of crime, “expensive but so far well worth the money” DCP Mark Shields, to do his job and investigate the murder of Bob Woolmer.

Much thanks to our usually inappropriately interfering politicians for shutting up and taking a back seat to DCP Shields…..Especial gratitude to the Leader of the Opposition Bruce Golding and the Prime Minister for concentrating on the business at hand – the upcoming general elections…..

Much thanks to the Indian cricket team for bowing out at the same time as the Pakistanis….now all cricket fans on the subcontinent can relax and speculate about who killed Bob Woolmer…..

Much thanks to the Local Organizing Committee for not being rattled by the fact that Chris Dehring’s and the ICC’s predictions for tens of thousands of fans arriving in Jamaica turned out to be – let’s put it kindly – ridiculously optimistic…..they’ve closed down the craft vending area in New Kingston and shifted everybody to traditional craft mecca, Devon House…..

Chris Dehring
Chris Dehring

Much thanks to the organisers of the wonderful opening ceremony….

Much thanks to the Windies for winning at least the first few matches…..

Much thanks to the Jamaican populace who have expressed a polite interest in the cricket, despite the fact that they’d rather be watching football…..

(Since blame is being cast about like rice at a big wedding, no blame being apportioned here….. )

Let’s enjoy the cricket. We’re going to be paying for it for a long time.

Regrets section

  1. The murder of Bob Woolmer
  2. The fact that Chris Dehring is now so discredited he will most likely take the path of least resistance and enter politics in Jamaica……this we don’t need…..
  3. The form (or lack thereof) of the West Indies team
  4. The end of cricket as a major sport in the West Indies

Brian Lara and Clive Lloyd

Fare thee well, Brian Lara and Clive Lloyd…….

Back to the future

Jamaicans will be going to the polls in 2007 with the choice of turfing out the ruling People’s National Party which, hard to believe, is now in its 18th year of office – and electing the opposition Jamaica Labour Party OR of going on as before, with a newish PNP Prime Minister and the first woman to hold that office……

Should be an easy one…..throw the rascals out (because rascals is a polite word for them) but, according to the polls, the Jamaica Labour Party is only marginally ahead of the PNP and PM Portia continues to lead Bruce Golding by a good margin. What can I tell you ?

Bruce Golding

Opposition Leader Bruce Golding

In the past 18 years, huge numbers of people who grew up in homes without phones, cars or cable television now have all three. Huge numbers of people who worked all their lives as helpers, gardeners and manual labourers now have children who work in offices or own two or three taxis or are teachers or own a small business.

Pointless to say that schools and hospitals are in worse shape than they were 18 years ago.

Pointless to say that the huge amounts of money stolen or wasted by the Government could have been spent on roads, water supply, education, more police to fight crime…..

Seems like the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party needs to convince people that it can and will provide more jobs, more opportunities, more housing, more of everything….

Seems like harping on how bad things are and how bad they will be if the PNP stays in power isn’t cutting it….and is likely to be even less effective once Prime Minister Charming is on the road hugging and kissing…

Bruce Golding, you can read a poll as well as anyone. You remember how some pollsters said the JLP would win the last election, but when the votes were counted, they didn’t…..You have been warned……

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