Bruce Golding knocks Colin Campbell out of Cabinet, asks for next contender…

Well, I got this one totally wrong, but, can’t say I’m sorry about this particular result….

Bruce’s revelations about Trafigura’s transactions with the PNP forced the resignation of Colin Campbell, Minister of Information and PNP General Secretary, one of the few PNP big noises to have supported Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in the PNP leadership race. Lots of celebrating in both PNP (Peter-not-Portia section) and JLP camps last night.

“The Perfect Punch” (Bfs Entertainment)

This morning’s harsh light is shining on:-

1. What was the nature of the transaction between the PNP and Trafigura ? What can a political party do for an oil trader that can earn them J$31 million ? Apart from the obvious bribery/thiefery/sign-right-here-on-the-dotted-line-boss-tank-yu…….

2. Did anything criminal take place ?

3. Speak up, Minister Paulwell ! We can’t hear you. You involve or you don’t involve ?

4. What is the role of Goodworks International (newest employee: former Prime Minister of Jamaica P.J. Patterson) in the “transactions” with Trafigura ?

Over in the dark corner :-

1. The future of whistle blower Sonia Christie (Let’s hope she’s not married to a parasite, because it looks like she might be sitting home twiddling her thumbs for a good while…….)

2. Who gets Colin’s work ? PM Portia says she’s going to handle this herself for now….(Is this when new PNP Vice President Angella Brown-Burke becomes a Senator and goes over to fight it out with the JLP’s Joan Gordon-Webley over in South East St. Andrew?)

3. PM Portia has ordered that Trafigura be given back its dirty money. Since the money spend already, should we assume that First Caribbean International Bank will be coming up with the cash needed in order to avoid any further publicity about its little problem with client confidentiality ?

Skeptics corner :

Bruce might want to watch how diligently he and the JLP clean Portia’s house for her. He doesn’t need it looking too polish, shine and squeaky clean come National Accountability Day….

“Housekeeping” (Marilynne Robinson)

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3 thoughts on “Bruce Golding knocks Colin Campbell out of Cabinet, asks for next contender…

  1. I am happy you have apologize because you spoke on the matter before you were properly informed about it( same thing happened to A .J)
    There are still many unanswered questions.(1) Was Colin the only pnp official who knew about this deal ( 2) Was the Prime Minister aware of this money

  2. The Mother of all Conferences has resulted in the Mother of all Scandals….the level of contempt this Government shows for the people of Jamaica is amazing…the PNP needs an hiatus to restore the Party to the institution created by Norman Manley…the Govt. is determined to retain State power at all cost…the PNP has lost its moral compass…Today could be an historical day in Jamaica’s would be instructive if Messr. Phillip et al take a stand and support the opposition in the NO CONFIDENCE vote…

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