The Week: Voters, visas and very bad words…..

JLP gears up, hopes there’s an election…..

Bruce Golding, the Opposition leader, has been on form this week. The JLP has been running some very unusual (for Jamaica) political ads – Bruce’s family testifying as to what a great guy he is. I specially liked the one by his wife, but they were all successful in giving you a positive image of the man. As Barbara Gloudon pointed out, who in the PNP (or on the island) could ask their family members to do similarly ?…….These are the times when the PNP must long for the dear departed Mister Five Wife and Five Pickney himself, Michael Manley…..He was a family man of a kind…..

Former Commissioner of Police Colonel Trevor McMillan also joined the JLP and will go straight into the Senate. Major confidence building measure since the Colonel was popular and effective as well as squeaky clean in his two stints leading the security forces (JDF and JCF).

Layout1 1 Pqcdntaskforclk

Bruce Golding and Colonel MacMillan

Much has been made of the need for Portia to clean house, but Bruce has to clean house too. Plenty hard working, but tired-and-desperately-overexposed members of the JLP need to be sent into retirement (I’m thinking Ken Baugh, Mike Henry, Pearnel Charles and Karl Samuda should be first out). These guys represent the “Seaga 1980’s” to plenty of voters and, as the JLP has probably noticed by now, Jamaican voters don’t have overly fond memories of that era…….

“Pure 80’s: The DVD” (Utv Records)

Jurassic Park section

The PNP, for reasons best known to senior party members, are running a genuine dinosaur for a seat in Eastern Hanover, Dr. D.K. Duncan. As Minister of Mobilization in the 1970’s he was in charge of roaming the land “raising support for Government policies” or “rent-a-mob” as it is now known….

Dkduncan20010716 D.K. now….

Don’t let this dinosaur’s current fossilized appearance fool you, old T. Rex himself had nothing on this guy when he was in his ackee……

Url-1 T. Rex then….

from Afflicted Yard

Not to be outdone, the JLP sent someone down to Grenada for Joan Gordon-Webley, former JLP MP for East Rural St. Andrew. She will run against Minister of Education Maxine Henry-Wilson in South East St. Andrew. This lady is not so much a dinosaur as a Helen of Troy – she’s beautiful but burning cities follow in her wake…..look for her constituents to send Maxine packing in favor of the lovely lady, and look for them to regret it shortly thereafter…….


          Joan with Desmond McKenzie

“Jurassic Park (Full Screen Collector’s Edition)” (Steven Spielberg)

Every single Jamaican vows to get become I.T. savvy and get online…..

With one single act, the U.S. Embassy in Kingston has ensured that all Jamaicans (alive now and yet to be born) will become experts in the use of computers and the Internet.

Since Friday gone, people wishing to apply for U.S. visas will no longer be able to get up at 4.00 am and stand in line outside the Embassy for hours on end. Instead they will have to book their visa appointments online !!!!!

Thank you, U.S. Embassy in Kingston, on behalf of all future Jamaican internet entrepreneurs  !

“Green Card” (Peter Weir)


The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is finally shutting down BWIA and replacing it with a new entity. I suppose there is no chance of the Government of Jamaica doing the same with Air Jamaica until after the Cricket World Cup 2007, but this is one feeding trough for PJ cronies that Portia needs to deal with a.s.a.p. (There’s no need for any “new entity”, folks. Close it down and done….)

And in case you were hoping that crappy airlines were special to the Caribbean, read this description of air travel from the Ukraine and see if you recognize anything…..(Yes, it’s in English ! My Ukrainian is not so great either…….)

“Airport (Full Screen Edition)” (George Seaton, Henry Hathaway)

Music news :-

(1) Cat Stevens

220Px-01Cat Cat Stevens back in the day…

Cat Stevens (now a Muslim convert called Yusuf Islam) is about to release his first album in 20 years. This gentleman did wonders for Negril and Jamaican tourism back in the 70’s because he favoured low key spots on Negril’s West End, then considered a rural, strictly hippies-and-locals spot.

Ever went to a church concert or service and heard the choir attempting “Morning Has Broken” ? Mr. Yusuf Islam is the reason…….Any chance of the British government giving us this Muslim instead of this one ?

“Foreigner” (Cat Stevens)

(2) Class warfare

Bounty Killer got arrested for cussing at a stage show, and all the usual suspects (Beverley Manley, Sunday Herald) had something to say about his right to act like a middle class person (Their not so-apt-examples? Middle class women wining and carrying on bad at Jamaica Carnival…….Nobelist Derek Walcott using the word “bitches” at a UWI Writers Conference……).

Seems to me Bounty Killer must still be on probation for beating up his girlfriend. Wonder if he can get counseling for cussing as well……

“Omeros” (Derek Walcott)

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