The week: Rerunning the Bible in the Middle East and Jamaican performers not wanted

Gays and lesbians object to being killed and burnt

The gloves came off this week as gays and lesbians in the U.K. and in the U.S. and in Denmark prevented well known Jamaican entertainers, Beenie Man, TOK and Buju Banton from performing at concerts in their countries.

Apparently, these groups object to the entertainers singing about the “Jamaican custom” of murdering gays and lesbians. And this in spite of many distinguished lawyers and academics (Carolyn Cooper et al) explaining that this is just one of our unique cultural practices which we should be left to pursue in peace…….

In a further development, residents and holidaymakers of Provincetown, Massachusetts (a seaside resort for gay and straight East Coast U.S. residents) are apparently discriminating against Jamaicans working in the tourism industry there. For some reason, they believe that Jamaicans are intolerant crazies who are dangerous not only to themselves but to others….

I’m looking forward to the all those who felt it necessary to vilify JET and the NJCA (for attempting to ensure that the Pinero Group’s hotel development at Pear Tree Bottom did not become a “natural” disaster) taking up cudgels against Jamaican entertainers who damage our tourism industry by causing potential tourists to think twice (or three times three times) about visiting the island……

And in case you missed it, construction at the Bahia Principe is still not back on track (due to problems in the “working environment” i.e. riots …)

If you’re depressed about the increasing influence of people who don’t follow what you understand to be the Lord’s way, don’t worry.

Just check out what’s happening in the Middle East. It’s just like it was in the time of Abraham and Sarah.

As described in the Bible

0,,320858,00 Smoke128 Beirut, Lebanon

(from UK Guardian, July 14, 2006)

The scorched earth policy (destroying land and buildings so as to leave nothing salvageable by the enemy) was first deployed to good effect by the God of us Christians in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (see Genesis, you heathen types…..). What was good enough for God five thousand plus years ago is certainly good enough for the Israeli Army today…..

Galapagos finches evolving, Jamaicans to stay the same

Scientists that study birds in the Galapagos island have noticed that the finches first observed by Darwin have evolved smaller beaks to enable them to eat different types of seeds now that bigger newcomers are eating up their old food supply.

In a development that will either depress or comfort you, Jamaican humans have shown their determination to stay the same and resist evolving no matter what, viz:-

The elders of the Dayton Church, complicit in the cover up of the rape of a 13 year old girl, first called on God to punish the reporter who had brought the rape to the attention of the police. Then they issued a press release….As the pastor, retired Appeals Court judge Martin Wright should know, the only acceptable course of action would have been for the elders to show up at the nearest police station and turn themselves in.

Archbishop Milingo of Zambia providing a troubled world with comic relief

Heartfelt thanks to Roman Catholic Archbishop Milingo who escaped from the clutches of 3 nuns in Rome ( the World Cup was so over..) and turned up in the U.S. apparently to: –

(1) look for his wife, a nice looking South Korean lady whom he married in a Moonie ceremony in 2001

(2) to lobby the Vatican to allow the Catholic priests to marry

Good luck with that, Archbishop Milingo ! And always supposing the Vatican is so mean and short-sighted as to excommunicate you, why don’t you move to Jamaica where your brand of Christianity (and humour) will be fully appreciated !

“Art and Life” (Beenie Man)

“Friends for Life” (Buju Banton)

“Walking the Bible: A Photographic Journey” (Bruce Feiler)

“Epicenter: Why current rumblings in the middle east will change your future” (Joel C. Rosenberg)

“From So Simple a Beginning: Darwin’s Four Great Books (Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle, The Origin of Species, The Descent of Man, The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals)” (Charles Darwin)

“Darwin’s Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life” (Daniel C. Dennett)

“Toward an African Christianity: Inculturation Applied” (Eugene Hillman)

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