Donald ‘Zekes’Phipps , Oliver Clarke, and the World Cup

Donald ‘Zekes’ Phipps is taking his community leader skills to prison for life (or 30 years, whichever is shorter). His lawyer, Churchill Neita, evidently was disappointed enough in the sentence to blame “foreign cops” for Zekes conviction and sentencing.

Images-2-1 Zekes

Yes, Mr. Neita, it seems likely that it took the presence of foreign cops for the police force to be able to gather enough evidence for Zekes to come to trial. And, yes, you are correct that many people are now scared to use their cell phones, especially if they are using them to order a murder.

As for lawyer Neita saying “community leaders such as Zeeks are necessary in the inner city communities to bring order and stability ”, this indicates that Mr. Neita believes that inner city residents are not worthy of order and stability brought about by an effective police force, an absence of dons and gangs, high employment, adequate housing etcetera. Sounds like libel to me.

Images-1-4 Churchill Neita

Mr. Neita should not despair of the Jamaican justice system however. Have you noticed how many of our “most wanted” are being captured alive and are going to trial ? As opposed to being killed “in a shootout” ? Doubtless due to all those foreign cops in the police force.

But as dead men need no lawyers, and live gangsters can’t have too many, Mr. Neita could end up thanking DCP Mark Shields for all the new business he’s sending his way…..(yes, I know: not very likely)

“Dead Men Walking” (Lee Jackson, Baz Gascoyne)

“Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out” (Lennie Spitale)

“Life, death and Sex in Prison” (Jimmie)

Oliver Clarke on crime

The owner of the Daily Gleaner, Oliver Clarke, has noticed that the “Commission for the Prevention of Corruption has been ”an abject failure“ as it has not been bringing the guilty to book”. (The Commission, you will recall, was supposed to prevent civil servants from retiring at age 45 as J$ billionaires….)

I think the PNP under PJ Patterson long ago lost its’ enthusiasm for any sort of accountability for public servants. However, all may not be lost. The new Prime Minister could still encourage the Jamaican courts to follow the route of the Texan and South Korean judiciaries which have fearlessly convicted, and will almost certainly lock up, Messrs Lay and Skilling of Enron, and the erstwhile founder (and detroyer) of Daewoo, Kim Woo-Choong.

Just imagine what could happen here if the police began to arrest, and juries to convict (and judges to send to prison) Board Chairmen and company founders for tax evasion, or fraud, or just plain tief.

We could have whistles being blown right, left and centre. We could have senior officers of Stock Exchange companies testifying against the Board of Directors. We could have girlfriends (and boyfriends) detailing their personal expenses for officers of the court.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more fun it seems likely to be. So Portia, don’t delay. Don’t waste time worrying about who among your PNP flock, or who at the Ministry of Finance, or who on which State Board, should be arrested. Do what you can do. Be what you can be.

Call Oliver Clarke right away. Come up with a list. (A list is vital.) And now, at last we have a job for SSP Adams. Give him the list and tell him to get going. Show those tax evaders no mercy, SSP !!!

“The Trial of Gangster Al Capone: A Headline Court Case (Headline Court Cases)” (Karen L. Trespacz)

“The Untouchables (Special Collector’s Edition)” (Brian De Palma)

The World Cup

 41152590 Zidane 416 Zidane with World Cup Mascot Goleo (from the BBC)

Only just over nine days to go before the first matches, so it’s not too early to start checking out the different websites being offered for keeping us 100% informed and involved. The UK Guardian has a slow but informative flash site up with past World Cup info. The BBC is of course offering every kind of coverage 24/7 – radio, TV, web, mobile.

The official FIFA World Cup site is a bit disappointing – the match schedules are confusing and pictures of players aren’t up yet. (Apparently, they couldn’t find a picture of Ronaldo!)

The best downloadable World Cup match calendar I’ve seen so far is here.

A German site is offering an extension for Firefox browser users called FootieFox – this will stream the results of World Cup matches at the bottom of your screen. (Before downloading, please read the comments from users of a previous version over on the Firefox site).

Total football fanatics with lots of money can load up with portable media players, wrist TV’ s and PCTV sticks here. Gamblers can start checking the odds here.

In the absence of the Reggae Boys, Jamaicans can support the Soca Warriors from Trinidad and Tobago. Check out todays post at the Soca Warriors website !

If you’re not interested in football, but don’t want to be completely left out of the conversation, you could try this New York Times “soccer blog”. They’ll be covering the heavy duty stuff like why Holocaust denier President Ahmadinejad of Iran shouldn’t risk making the trip to Germany – not even if his team make the finals….

“Ronaldinho:The Best Player in the World” (Digital Latina)

“El Diego: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Footballer” (Diego Maradona)

“The Story of the World Cup: The Essential Companion to Germany 2006” (Brian Glanville)

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