The hotel at Pear Tree Bottom – turtles and tourists to live in harmony ?

Amazingly enough, it seems that good sense may yet prevail in the case of the Pinero Group and their 2,000 room hotel at Pear Tree Bottom. Their license to build was quashed in the courts on the grounds that the responsible Government of Jamaica agencies had failed to follow their own procedures, and, according to the Pinero Group, millions of pesetas immediately went up in smoke or down the drain or washed into the wetlands…

The victorious environmentalists, the Jamaica Environment Trust and the Northern Jamaica Conservation Association, were then subjected to the type of abuse normally reserved for opponents of motherhood, chastity and the Christian church.

Yet it seems that both parties have been able to rise above the level of their supporters and detractors, and may yet reach an out-of-court agreement on how the wetlands and wildlife will be conserved even with the Bahia Principe hotel in their midst.

(If you missed all the hot air, you can read it here and here and here and here and here)

“Sea Turtles : A Complete Guide to Their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation” (James R. Spotila)

“Wetland Ecology : Principles and Conservation (Cambridge Studies in Ecology)” (Paul A. Keddy)

“Saving Louisiana?: The Battle for Coastal Wetlands” (Bill Streever)

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