Colonel McMillan to go head to head with Attorney General : Judges, watch out !

Update : Chief Justice in Trinidad tried to influence Basdeo Panday case !!!!
Those Trinis ! How shocked our Attorney General will be when he hears of this !

Our irrelevant Attorney General A.J. Nicholson will most likely spend this Monday regretting his recent attack on the JLP crime report.
Images-1 20060514T210000-0500 104628 Obs Macmillan Accepts Challenge To Provide Proof Of Corruption In Judiciary  1-1
Senator A.J.Nicholson Colonel McMillan
He has suggested that the report makes an unwarranted attack on the integrity of the judiciary, and has urged the compilers to come forward with proof of bad behaviour by judges. Unfortunately for the Attorney General, Colonel Trevor McMillan has agreed to do just that.

Colonel McMillan, you will recall, is the last Jamaican policeman to inspire widespread public confidence. (Reneto Adams inspired confidence in those who believe in the Clint Eastwood model of policing – ie. a minority, no matter how vocal).

Colonel McMillan was unceremoniously removed from his post as Commissioner of Police when the PNP rank and file rebelled at the prospect of having to deliver an election victory with Colonel McMillan watching the ballot boxes……

Those were the naive old days when we believed that one person could make a difference. Time has delivered some of those things which the early days of the McMillan era promised, namely:
The Electoral Office of Jamaica and CAFFE have had considerable success in cleaning up our local, general and internal party elections. (Could Portia have even been elected if the PNP had been running the delegates election as they did in 1992, when an ungrateful nation was presented with PJ rather Portia ?)
The Privy Council is still with us, as they have asserted our constitutional right to change our Court of Final Appeal only by a referendum of the entire voting population of Jamaica.
The wilingness to explore new crime fighting methods seem to be bearing fruit under Commissioner of Police Lucius Thomas ( new methods = importing police officers from Scotland Yard).
20050103T220000-0500 72591 Obs Commissioner Thomas 1-1 Commissioner Lucius Thomas
However, Colonel McMillan no doubt feels some very understandable regret that Lucius Thomas and Mark Shields are getting the credit for that which he could probably have done himself if only, if only, he had had the political support. Instead he had that walking disaster and crude imitation of a Minister of National Security K.D. Knight…..
Images-4 DCP Mark Shields
Well, Colonel McMillan, this is the right moment to put the Pandora’s Box of the Caribbean Court of Appeal back in the cupboard unopened.

Let’s hope that you are able to bring forward enough evidence of judicial corruption to shame our Attorney General into at least shutting up about the unmatched integrity of our local judges.

And with any luck we won’t hear anymore from A.J. Nicholson’s generation of “legal minds” who seem to have spent so much time dreaming about their post-Independence glory being capped by a rejection of the Privy Council that they don’t seem to have noticed how the local justice system has festered and rotted under their very noses….

“Police and Crime Control in Jamaica: Problem of Reforming Ex-Colonial Constabularies” (Anthony Harriott)

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