Hot stories: Today’s updates

Updated: CIA
Seems Porter Goss, CIA boss, did leave because of his predilection for gambling and hookers.

“The Master of Disguise : My Secret Life in the CIA” (Antonio J. Mendez)

Updated: Episcopal Church
The California’s Episcopal Church today in San Francisco elected the Bishop Suffragan of Alabama, Mark Andrus, as their new bishop. Relevant details : Married, 2 kids
So the doomsayers were wrong : voters put their church and the Anglican Communion first…. Amen. Amen. Amen.

“Traveling Mercies : Some Thoughts on Faith” (Anne Lamott)

Who cares who’s the baby mother ? This 63 year old is having a baby with someone else’s egg (most likely, they’re not exactly saying). The sperm is her husband’s – he wants to be a baby father, and has no kids at present. She already has 2 grown -up children. Is this love ? Or is she just nuts ?!!

“Fathers and Babies: How Babies Grow and What They Need from You, from Birth to 18 Months” (Jean Marzollo)

“Mother Time : Women, Aging, and Ethics” (Margaret Urban Walker)

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