Sex, DNA and the superannuated

Is it possible for Jamaica to have a political sex scandal ?!!! Perhaps that is too much to expect in a country where 85% of children are born out of wedlock…….

Today the head of the CIA resigned and the blogosphere is linking it to the emerging sex scandal where prostitutes were provided for Washington VIP's, including apparently Mr. Goss.

Could such a thing even raise a yawn here ?

While our idea of a sex scandal is debating whether homosexuals are even to be allowed to live, our big brother to the north is arguing about whether gays and lesbians can become bishops.

I think we should worry about whether we want to be allied with the mainstream in the U.S. (gays can live, vote, work without fear) or with these guys……

"No Future Without Forgiveness" (Desmond Tutu)

Instead we are worrying about the inconvenient American habit of asking for DNA tests on children being brought to the U.S. by their Green Card parents. Turns out that many a jacket has been revealed during the immigration process. ( Naturally we're blaming the mothers, although how a woman is supposed to know which sperm met her egg, I don't know.)

"How to Interpret Your DNA Test Results for Family History & Ancestry: Scientists Speak Out on Genealogy Joining Genetics" (Anne Hart)

I think the problem is that we hate to face facts. Especially facts damaging to our idea of ourselves as a country of nice, chaste, church -going women under attack by sex-obsessed men……

"Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives" (Laura Schlessinger)

There's many a respectable church lady who has been hard put to explain how come neither of her two pickney turn out to be her husband's…… After he work so hard to bring them all to the States…..

We need to face facts about who all our studs are doing it with, and what that means for our concept of family……

"The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" (Laura Schlessinger)

And talking about facing facts, Madam Prime Minister needs to face some regarding this party stalwart and this one. Pure corruption or sheer stupidity? These guys are probably guilty of both, but almost certainly of one or the other. We really tired to see them in the paper. Send them to them yard. PLEASE !!!

"Moral Man and Immoral Society: A Study of Ethics and Politics (Library of Theological Ethics)" (Reinhold Niebuhr)

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