Homophobic or statistic ?

This afternoon the killer of Brian Williamson (co-founder of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians and Gays -JFLAG) pleaded guilty

“Words to Our Now : Imagination and Dissent” (Thomas Glave)

It turns out that the killer is a vendor who went to demand money from Brian Williamson and killed him when he refused. For those of us who read the crime reports in our national newspapers, there is nothing surprising here.

What was unusual, and homophobic, about this killing was the jeering crowd that assembled outside “the dead house”. What is also unusual here, is that his killers were brought to justice.

Otherwise, Brian Williamson died a victim of the island’s violent culture which claims hundreds of men, women and children every single year.

Congratulations to the police, and let’s hope that the crime clear-up rate continues to improve.

What will be more difficult to improve is our attitude to effective police action against gang leaders and dons. Looking forward to the day when our crime ridden communities respond the way Corleone did to the arrest of mass murderer (charged with 50 plus killings) Bernard Provenzano.

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