May Day marches naught availeth ?

Hundreds of thousands of mainly Hispanic immigrants marched across the U.S. today
but to what avail ? Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Britain and the U.S. against the proposed war in Iraq (and these were voters). The powers- that-be ignored them.

The U.S. and British governments should ask themselves what their people would have to do ? to get the ruling classes to change their minds about something. Anything…….

It puts a different perspective on the blocking of roads in Jamaica (and France) which seem to be very effective in changing government policy.

The private sector and the middle class in Jamaica complain about the government giving in to the “small man” who wants to get his way by overturning cars, blocking traffic, yelling into TV cameras. But give me an overweight Cabinet Minister (yes, I mean you, Roger Clarke) rushing to meet with 50 people blocking a road for better water supply, or the right to squat on private land rather than the ice cold response of Republican Congressmen to the concerns of millions.

Yes, indeed, Jamaica looks pretty democratic today. Guess J.K Galbraith may have only just died, but the affluent society buried him long ago……….

“The Affluent Society” (John Kenneth Galbraith)

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