Celebrate May Day !

If you are at work today, take a moment (or a drink) to celebrate May Day

If you’re a man, or just a fan, celebrate the May Pole, unequivocal fertility symbol.

If you get to leave work after only 8 hours, celebrate the workers who fought for your right to be drinking Red Stripe, liming with friends, cooking dinner and talking to your children after 5.00 pm, instead of slogging away for another 3 or 4 hours.

If you’ve got friends or family in the U.S. who “overstayed” on a visitors visa, give them a call and urge them to get out and march for immigrants rights. Don’t let the Mexicans have to take all the risks and do all the dirty work.

Workers of the world unite ! Celebrate May Day !

“Beltane: Springtime Rituals, Lore and Celebration” (Raven Grimassi)

“The Summer Solstice : Celebrating the Journey of the Sun from May Day to Harvest” (John Matthews)

“Coyotes: A Journey Through the Secret World of America’s Illegal Aliens” (Ted Conover)

“History of the Labor Movement in the United States: Industrial Workers of the World (History of the Labor Movement in the United States)” (Philip S. Foner)

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