Female infanticide in China : Jamaican men feel the pain

Update: Aborting girls in India as well as China is way out of control……..

Why is the long standing practice of killing girl babies in China making problems for Jamaican men ?
Because the Chinese Government’s infamous One Child policy has produced an estimated 41 million more adult Chinese males than females.

Human reproduction still requires females
, and there are not enough to go around, no matter how many women are kidnapped/trafficked from the cities and neighboring countries.

So what to do ? Well, what you can do is export as many adult males as possible to as many Chinese-government-funded projects around the world as possible. Take, for example, the Greenfield Stadium being built for the 2007 Cricket World Cup in Trelawny, Jamaica…..
Exporting men helps China on its way to becoming the world’s sole superpower sooner rather than later….AND it frees up a little of the pressure on the police state at home....

But can you imagine what these Chinese workers think when they reach the site of the Greenfield stadium ?

When they consider that a project that must be completed long before the start of the Cricket World Cup in 2007 is being held up by Jamaican men who live in a veritable earthly paradise of women, Red Stripe and meals with meatkind twice a day ?
Don’t be surprised, when in 5 or 10 years time, Chinese-government-funded projects are implemented exclusively by Chinese workers……
Don’t be surprised if some of these Chinese workers decide to stay in Jamaica when the project is done…..
And prepare for lots of gorgeous Black Chiney babies being born in the near future. Especially in country parts….

“Falling Leaves : The Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter” (Adeline Yen Mah)

“Fifth Chinese Daughter” (Jade Snow Wong)

“Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China” (Jung Chang)

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