Cricket, lovely cricket

Does anyone remember when Chris Dehring was “seconded” to the West Indies Cricket Board in 1997 ?

At the time, rumor had it that huge sighs of relief were to be heard from the Board room at Dehring, Bunting and Golding.

Chris’ enthusiasm for big projects that ended up costing, rather than making, money meant that his fellow directors were thrilled that he was out of the way at so little expense to themselves.

Board members at DB&G are probably not the only ones who are not in the least surprised to hear that while the Cricket World Cup will not make money for the Jamaican (or any) government , it is supposed that it will make money for someone…. Maybe hoteliers ? Or bag juice vendors ? Perhaps radio stations ?

However, Mr. Dehring is already preparing the ground for another, less pocket jingling outcome. He claims that hoteliers are asking exorbitant rates for their hotel rooms. This means that many likely visitors to the World Cup will decide that the event is too rich for their blood, and perhaps opt to swim at sunny Brighton and watch the matches on TV…..And that means, through no fault of the organisers (read Chris Dehring), the event may be something of a disappointment for the host countries.

One thing is for sure. Whether the Cricket World Cup 2007 is a financial disaster or a financial success, Chris Dehring will NOT be going back to his desk job at DB&G where his partners are “busy making money“……

“It’s Not Cricket: A History of Skulduggery, Sharp Practice and Downright Cheating in the Noble Game” (Simon Rae)

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